The Original Endless Pool This is the original Endless Pool available in sizes from 12ft x 7ft right up to 16ft x 10ft. The pool can be fully in ground, partly in ground or fully above ground. It is especially ideal where the pool is going in an existing room or building.  
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The Endless Pool Swim Spa The 2015 Swim Spas are available in 3 differant sizes, 15ft, 17ft and 19ft. The 19ft Swim Spa features two distinct water areas. The Swim Spas are shipped complete from the factory so that once the unit is in place there is the minimum of work required to commission the unit.
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The Fastlane Pool The Fastlane Pool is ideal for those who just want to swim without the work invoved in building the pool in. The external size is 3m x 4.42m 1.22m, swim area is 2.44m 3.96m with a depth of 1.12m. It comes with a 5hp swim current and entry ladders. It is ideal for installation in garage or outbuilding
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Endless Pool Swimming Machines
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Endless Pools Swimming Machines offer an unrivalled swimming experience in a small pool format. We have been closely involved with the supply and installation of these pools for the last 12 years. Our knowledge of these pools is probably second to none in the UK. Please feel free to contact us if you require any technical information or would like to come along to the showroom for a test swim in the Original Endless Pool.
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